COVID-19 Restrictions

St Luke’s Uniting Church Belmont

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms or feeling unwell?

Please do not enter the church property and undergo a COVID-19 test and self isolate until the results are received.

COVID-19 Restrictions – St Luke’s Uniting Church

Updated 26 March 2021

Further easing of Covid-19 Restrictions in NSW

The Premier has announced the easing of restrictions across NSW from Monday morning 29th March 2021. The media release states, ‘restrictions to ease but compliance must increase’. We ask that you keep this in mind as you adjust your plans. 

Please note:
• These changes only apply to NSW. We are not aware of any changes for the ACT.
• For the following changes there is no differentiation between Sydney (including Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong) and Regional and Rural areas.
• This information has been sourced from the Premier’s media release dated 24th March 2021.
• This guidance is subject to the publication of the Public Health Order on Monday 29th March 2021.

Summary of Changes:
• No restrictions on singing, including places of worship (hallelujah!).
• No restrictions on dancing, including weddings.
• Masks are no longer mandatory in a place of worship, even when singing.
• All maximum numbers are only limited by the 2 square metre rule.

Details of all applicable restrictions in force from Monday 29 March 2021

Maximum numbers
For Places of Worship, Weddings, Funerals and other functions, the maximum number allowed is limited only by the 1 person per 2 square metre rule for the venue. Physical distancing of 1.5 metres is still required which may affect total capacity.  25 people are allowed before the 1 person per 2 square metre rule applies.

There are no restrictions on singing, including indoors, and masks are not required from 27th March 2021.

Masks are no longer mandatory but remain strongly recommended. This includes public transport.

There are no restrictions in place for dancing at weddings (or other events).

Ensure physical distancing is maintained where possible and use hand sanitiser and common sense. Ensure all people involved agree to proceeding in a Covid safe manner.

Continue to ensure elements are prepared in a hygienic way (using gloves and consider the wearing of a mask due to the close proximity to food). Elements distributed to the seated congregation by server/s also wearing gloves and possibly a mask (see above). Consider using tongs to assist with the distribution of bread and be mindful of the 1.5 metre physical distancing where possible.

Personal Outdoor gatherings
The limit has now been increased to 200.

Visitors in homes
There is no cap on the maximum numbers but if there is more than 100, a Covid-19 Safety Plan is to be completed as well as electronic recording of visitor details.

Youth Related
Care should still be taken to avoid high energy activities indoors.

Attendance records
These are still required (in a digital format). it is highly recommended the free NSW Government QR code be used. 

Service of Food
By following the guidelines in the Information Update dated 11th March 2021, most situations involving food should be able to proceed. Individually wrapped servings is still recommended.

There has been no easing with the requirements for cleaning. The Synod Office recommends congregations follow the advice and guidance of Government departments in establishing their own cleaning regime specific to their situation.  The use of collection plates, hymn books and other shared equipment should still be avoided where possible.

As Always…
• Maintain 1.5 metre physical distancing (except for members of the same household)
• Practice healthy hand hygiene
• Practice healthy respiratory hygiene
• Stay home if unwell
• Get tested if you have even mild Covid-19 symptoms

Remember, that in all your considerations, the health and wellbeing of all people is the most important thing.

For further information please contact: covid19@nswact.