COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 symptoms or feeling unwell?

Please do not enter the church property and undergo a COVID-19 test and self isolate until the results are received.

COVID-19 Restrictions – St Luke’s Uniting Church updated 20 January 2021

Attendance records are required for individuals who are participating in any events or services on the St Luke’s property. Contact details are confidential and kept for a minimum of 28 days in the church office.

Hygiene regulations must be maintained at all times. Hand sanitiser should be used when entering and leaving the premises. Hands must be cleaned by soap and water after using toilets.

Maximum numbers are limited only by the 2 square metre rule and 1.5 metre physical distancing.

1.5 metre physical distancing is to be maintained (except by members of the same household)

Face masks are strongly recommended for the congregants/audience. Leaders and those participating in the service may remove their mask while they are up the front leading or presenting. This includes those doing a reading, giving a eulogy, or singing (see other singing restrictions below). For weddings, those in the wedding party are not required to wear a face mask.

Singing is not allowed by the congregants/audience and is only allowed by a maximum of 5 people up the front, 1.5 metres from each other, all facing the same direction and at least 5 metres from the audience. Singing is allowed outside by the audience providing those 12 years and older are wearing a mask.

Musical instruments – players of non-reeded instruments must maintain a distance of at least 3 metres in direction of airflow and 1.5 metre in other directions. All other players must maintain 1.5 metre distancing.

Halls – are subject to the 2 square metre rule, however, hire groups may be subject to other restrictions applicable to them.

Outdoor gatherings – in a public place are limited to a maximum of 100.

Source: Synod Guidance Note 24.